Monday, August 24, 2009

MAGr - Laminated Looseleafs ft. Blu

Woke up to this in my inbox from the homey Khal I'll post what Khal had to say below.. but Juuust in case you don't know. Rock The Dub is one of the illest blogs out.. shouts to Khal and the Rock the Dub Fam..

This track is Nice btw..

On August 31st, Publix Axis ( and will be dropping a free album from MAGr (aka Al Mighty + DistantStarr) entitled No News Is Good News. Beats provided by Hudson Mohawke, Erik L., Fel Sweetenberg and DistantStarr himself, with guest MCs like Blu, Cymarshall Law, Zilla Rocca, Fel Sweetenberg and many more. This NJ duo are a throwback to that gritty Hip-Hop sound from days gone, and I've got a feeling you'll be feeling this one.

"Laminated Looseleafs" is just a taste...


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